Put our knowledge to work for you.

 The strength of Clearbill is in our commitment to building relationships. From walking your clients through the ins-and-outs of their insurance coverage and anticipated reimbursement to drawing on our connections within the insurance industry, we make sure your clients have all the information so they can make the best decisions possible.

 We partner with midwives to fulfill their billing needs, but it’s so much more than that. Coders and billers are a dime a dozen these days; our genuine care and diligence is what puts Clearbill ahead of the pack.

With our combined approach of negotiating higher reimbursements and consistently following up on claims, working with Clearbill increases your bottom line.

We have customizable support packages to fit your unique billing needs. We do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on the things that matter more.

Like your clients.

Our Services:

  • Conduct verification of benefits and coordination of care
  • Obtain insurance pre-authorization, determine if in-network exceptions are right for your clients
  • Negotiate with insurance for the best possible reimbursement rates 
  • Submit electronic claims and paper claims as needed 
  • Prepare insurance appeals and follow up to ensure payment
  • Support parents exploring their insurance options 
  • Educate midwives and parents on insurance issues effecting their coverage
  • Handle client billing and collections as needed
  • Consulting for midwives at any stage of their business development; advice on creating client service agreements; marketing your services; setting fees and payment terms
  • Customized superbills for maternity, newborn, and well woman care