We think of our Midwives as family. We defend your needs within the insurance industry, an alien world that can often be daunting and difficult to navigate alone – with us, you never will be.

When you join Clearbill, you’re joining dozens of other Midwives who have placed their faith in the reliable efforts of our team.

We have specialized forms that will help you turn the services you provide into the cash you deserve. You’ll have limitless access to our reservoir of insurance literature and around the clock phone support.

Whether you catch babies at home or in a hospital, Clearbill will give you the confidence to know how to get the most for your clients with the least amount of stress.

If you’re just starting your practice, we offer consultation services that will give a better sense of where you want your business to go and how to take it there. 

Clearbill successfully navigates the dizzy maze of insurance companies for me so that I can concentrate on what I do best: the art of midwifery. I highly recommend them!
— Marcy Tardio
It has been such a relief since finding Clearbill. No more hassle navigating the billing, coding, health insurance nightmare. My clients are reimbursed for my services now, thanks to Clearbill.
— Merideth Geers

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